Nutrition and Wellbeing

Our nutrition offering is what you want and need it to be. The first step is for us to listen, so that everything is tailored to you.
We’ll take the time and create the space to help you recognise what your body needs so that you can start to feel stronger, fitter and more motivated.

Personalised Nutrition

There are four key pillars in our approach to wellbeing: sleep, hydration, nutrition and exercise. We can talk to you about what a nutritional programme could look like, if you feel this is the right step for you. Our packages concentrate on individual requirements and incremental changes that can be easily incorporated into your diet and daily routines.

We live the life we promote and offer ideas that we have tested ourselves. What we offer isn’t an unreachable idea of perfection. We know how busy life can be, so we offer a flexible approach that meets your needs and fits in with your schedule.

All consultations are booked separately to stays at our retreat.

To find out more about Marta as a Nutritionist, have a look here.

Begin your journey to healthier lifestyle through better nutrition, sleep and exercise habits by booking a consultation with Marta.

Nutritious meals and wide-ranging activities