July menu is here!

We have now designed our July breakfast menu to include seasonal fruit and vegetables. As a result you can enjoy organic local produce and try something different every day. When you stay with us, we will make sure that you start each day with a… Read More »July menu is here!

Launch event

We’ve officially launched Inspire by Zaremba Marsden Ltd It isn’t easy starting a business. Long hours, constant effort, full concentration, prioritising, risk taking and nerve racking decisions…but then you start seeing things come together, little achievements that just make you smile. Then there are the… Read More »Launch event

Hello world!

We’re super excited to announce the launch of Inspire by Zaremba Marsden on 5th June 2021. As well as our personalised nutrition programme, our beautiful new retreat in Matlock gives you the opportunity to stay in a relaxing environment to focus fully on your health… Read More »Hello world!