Our Story

As explorers, food enthusiasts and professionals, we’ve been on a journey to find that all-important life balance. We now want to inspire you on your path to a happier, healthier lifestyle through better nutrition, sleep and exercise habits. In today’s world, time together is even more valuable.

The natural beauty around our exclusive retreat in Matlock is ready to nurture tranquillity. Our local produce, small businesses and the warmth of people add to the sense of harmony and luxury you will find with us.

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About Us

Marta Zaremba Marsden

Marta Zaremba-Marsden


Marta is a qualified nutritionist and healthy
living practitioner. She lived in three and
travelled to over fifty countries. These
experiences helped enrich her culinary
capabilities and gave her confidence to blend
flavours from across the globe. Before
starting her masters in Sports and Exercise
Nutrition, she studied and worked in
linguistics, and then succeeded in project
management for aerospace. Exposure to
public and private sector, corporate and
charity worlds inspired her appreciation of
daily life, family, friends and nature.

Stuart Marsden

Stuart Marsden


Stuart spent 42 years at Rolls-Royce.
Throughout those years he visited aerospace
suppliers around the world helping them to
embark on an improvement cycle. His career
provided opportunities for him to visit over
45 countries and experience goodness in all
of them, which he now hopes to bring a
flavour of to the retreat. He is never short of
colourful stories that he is more than willing
to share. A great host, who ensures that
guests are warmly welcomed and have an
outstanding stay.

We look forward to inspiring, helping and supporting you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.